ISSN 1756-1957

ISBN 978-1-874635-46-8
Essex Human Rights Review Volume 7 Number 1, December 2010
UKIERI Special Issue

Realising Children's Rights:
Multidisciplinary, Comparative and Practical Perspectives
Papers from the United Kingdom-India Education
and Research Initiative conferences

Cover Page and Acknowledgements

Table of Contents (A4 Online Accessible Version)

Table of Contents (A5 Print Version): Forthcoming


Andréa Sepúlveda Brito Carotti

Part I: Realising Children's Rights in the Criminal Justice System

Youth Justice in the United Kingdom

Eamonn Carrabine

Construction of Criminality and Children

Ved Kumari

Towards a Mixed Economy of Youth Justice

Pam Cox

Part II: Comparative Approaches in Adoption and Child Protection

Identifying Domestic Mechanisms for Rights Protections in an Intercountry Adoption Setting:
A comparison of Guatemala, South Africa and India

Sarah Sargent

Child Protection Strategies in the United Kingdom and India

Nishtha Desai

Part III: Violence against Children

Maternal Abusers:
Underlying concerns for children

Jackie Turton

In their own Defence:
Violence against girls, and girls as human rights defenders

Fernne Brennan and John Packer

Colloquium Report:
Violence against girls, and girls as human rights defenders

Brett Dodge

Part IV: Strategies for Empowering Children

Girls and Boys as Human Rights Defenders:
The importance of peer support

Netta Cartwright

The Girl Child Empowerment Strategy

Betty Makoni

Interview with Carolyn Hamilton

Recent Publications by Members of the Essex Human Rights Centre

Essays on Human Rights in Honour of Professor Sir Nigel Rodley and Professor Kevin Boyle
Geoff Gilbert, Francoise Hampson and Clara Sandoval (Editors)

Human Rights: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Second Edition)
Michael Freeman

The Atlas of Human Rights: Mapping Violations of Freedom Worldwide
Andrew Fagan

Asylum, Welfare and the Cosmopolitan Ideal: A Sociology of Rights
Lydia Morris

Colonialism, Slavery, Reparations and Trade: Remedying the 'Past'?
Fernne Brennan and John Packer (Editors)

Net Neutrality: Towards a Co-Regulatory Solution
Christopher Marsden

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