ISSN 1756-1957

ISBN 978-1-874635-45-1
Essex Human Rights Review Volume 6 Number 2, January 2010
Special Issue 2010

Preventing Torture in the 21st Century:
Monitoring in Europe Two Decades On,
Monitoring Globally Two Years On
Part II

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Table of Contents (A5 Print Version)


Emma-Alexia Casale-Katzman

Reparation as Prevention:
Considering the law and practice of orders for cessation and guarantees of non-repetition in torture cases

Carla Ferstman

Lessons Learned from the ACHR's National Campaign for Prevention of Torture in India

Suhas Chakma

Preventing Torture in Uganda

Sharon Lamwaka

The Robben Island Guidelines:
An Essential Tool for the Prevention of Torture in Africa

Jean-Baptiste Niyizurugero and Ghislain Patrick Lessène

National Human Rights Institutions and Their Role in the Struggle Against Torture in the Asia-Pacific Region

Suraina Pasha

OPCAT in the Asia-Pacific and Australasia:
Themes for planned action

Richard Harding and Neil Morgan

Exploring the Possibility of Designating a National Preventive Mechanism in Japan

Aya Kuwayama

Torture as a Form of Gendered Violence

Victor Rodriguez Rescia

Health professionals in the fight against torture

Miriam Reventlow, Susanne Kjær, and Helen McColl


University of Essex Human Rights Centre Degree Programmes

The Treatment of Prisoners under International Law (Third Edition)
Sir Nigel Rodley and Matt Pollard

Essex Human Rights Alumni Association (EHRAA)

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