ISSN 1756-1957

ISBN 978-1-874635-45-1
Essex Human Rights Review Volume 6 Number 1, December 2009
Special Issue 2009

Preventing Torture in the 21st Century:
Monitoring in Europe Two Decades On,
Monitoring Globally Two Years On
Part I

Cover Page and Acknowledgements

Table of Contents (A4 Online Accessible Version)

Table of Contents (A5 Print Version)


Emma-Alexia Casale-Katzman

A System of Preventive Oversight

Silvia Casale

Reflections on Working for the Prevention of Torture

Nigel S. Rodley

What is the Added Value of Prevention?

Wilder Tayler

Torture Prevention Network:
Themes for planned action

Mario L. Coriolano

OPCAT Challenges and the Way Forwards:
The ratification and implementation of the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against Torture

Audrey Olivier and Marina Narvaez

Same but Different?
National human rights commissions and ombudsman institutions as national preventive mechanisms under the Optional Protocol to the UN Torture Convention

Elina Steinerte and Rachel Murray

Visits to Less Traditional Places of Detention:
Challenges under the OPCAT

Antenor Hallo de Wolf

Evolution of the CPT's Standards Since 2001

Marco Leidekker

Preventing Torture and Controlling Irregular Immigration:
The role of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and its activities in Italy

Carmelo Danisi

The Legal Obligation to Prosecute 'Rendition to Torture'

Elena Landriscina

The Cumulative Effect:
A medico-legal approach to United States torture law and policy

K. Alexa Koenig, Eric Stover and Laurel E. Fletcher

'Celebrating' a Decade of Legalised Torture in Israel

Yuval Ginbar


University of Essex Human Rights Centre Degree Programmes

The Treatment of Prisoners under International Law (Third Edition)
Sir Nigel Rodley and Matt Pollard

Essex Human Rights Alumni Association (EHRAA)

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