Submission Guidelines for Authors

Authors must follow the guidelines below when submitting work for publication:

In the first instance, the Editorial Board filters articles to determine generic acceptability in terms of content and style. Next, the article is anonymously reviewed by at least two EHRR reviewers. Finally, the Editorial Board reads the reviewer reports and decides whether to:
accept the article for publication, or
accept the article for publication subject to revisions, or
recomend that the paper be rewritten and resubmitted, or
reject the article as unsuitable for publication in the EHRR.

Note that once a submission has been accepted, the author (or all authors for multiple author submissions) must submit a Copyright Transfer Form. This can be done online here by reading the Terms and Conditions, completing the form at the bottom of the page and selecting the 'Yes, I agree to the Copyright Transfer Terms and Conditions above' button, then clicking the 'submit' button.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to publish, or refuse publication to, any submission, before or after the review process, and irrespective of the nature of any available review reports. For Special Issues and solicited submissions, the Editorial Board reserves the right to waive the review process.

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