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Key Resources

Transitional Justice Network: Based at the University of Essex, the TJN aims to provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, and decision-makers to better understand transitional justice, and other issues faced by societies that are undergoing fundamental socio-political change, and thereby to improve the situation on the ground. The TJN ngage in trans-disciplinary research activities, teaching, and consultancy, and welcome collaboration and requests for advice from everyone on the globe.

Essex Project on Business and Human Rights: The Essex Project on Business and Human Rights seeks to foster dialogue across different disciplines with shared concerns that are all located at the intersection of Human Rights and the activities of state owned and private companies, lenders, and other actors in the world economy. The activities of this project encompass developing and strengthening links with NGOs, inter-governmental organisations (e.g. OSCE), the judiciary and lawyers; companies and trade unions through advice, assistance with litigation, advocacy and training. It also provides assistance to academics in the formulation and execution of research projects as well as resources for students and teachers.

British Council Human Rights Network: Excellent site containing human rights news from around the world, as well as HR related news from the UK.

Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union: Full text of the Charter, as well as press releases, FAQs, and a section on 'Fundamental Rights and the EU, the wider context'.

Directory of Human Rights Resources on the Internet: From the American Association for the Advancement of Science, searchable by country, topic or organisation name.

European Convention on Human Rights

Catalyst 2005: Global Perspectives on Successful Implementation of Human Rights of Women; Conference May 6 2005 at the University of Essex.

Forced Migration Online: Hosted by the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford, contains a wealth of material including articles, research guides, documents and web links.

Human and Constitutitional Rights: Excellent site from the Human Rights Institute at Columbia Law School, includes a Hot Topics section with information on current human rights issues.

Human Rights Internet: International NGO documentation centre (has been using the name "Internet" since 1976!).

Human Rights Library: Based at the University of Minnesota, includes African Human Rights Resource Centre.

Human Rights Watch: Information on campaigns, news, issues and publications.

INCADAT: International Child Abduction Database - Hague Convention site - includes latest cases on Convention on Civil aspects of International Child Abduction and searchable database of caselaw (requires free registration).

International Human Rights Law: Resources on the SOSIG site.

Interights: International Human Rights law centre, includes searchable database of international caselaw digests, links to full text of cases, resoucrs on Commonwealth case law, useful links section, with tool to search by keyword, boolean, country, region, jurisdiction or a combination.

Department of Constitutional Affairs Human Rights Unit: The Unit responsibile for ensuring the successful implementation of the Human Rights Act 1998, includes sections on policy and news, law and judgments, and full text of the Human Rights Act.

Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM): With searchable databases of case law of the international supervisory organs and links to treaties.

Project Diana: Online human rights archive at Yale Law School.

Refugee caselaw site: University of Michigan Law School site to promote transnational analysis of refugee law.

University of Western Australia: Public international law site, includes links to material on Human Rights (general) and specific issues in human rights (indigenous peoples and women).

Women's Human Rights Resources: Bora Laskin Law Library at the University of Toronto.

Australian Legal Information Institute: Links to the full text of a wide range of Australian Law journals.

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Aboriginal Justice and Learning Network: From the Canadian Department of Justice, inlcudes access to free resources on Aboriginal community justice.

European Centre for Minority Issues: With working papers and a full text journal.

MIRIS (Minority Rights Information System): From the European Academy of Bolzano (Bozen), includes a database of information on the legal rights of minotities in the member states of the Council of Europe.

European Roma Rights Center: Monitors human rights of Roma and provides legal defence.

Patrin: Website focused on Romani rights.

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Human Rights Organisations

Amnesty International

Council of Europe: With the text of the European Convention on Human Rights and links to the European Court of Human Rights (see also Directorate General of Human Rights at the Council of Europe, includes full text of reports from DGHR as well as links to other CoE departments).

CPT: European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, includes a database of its reports.

European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance.

IGC: Institute for Global Communications

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

International Committee of the Red Cross

Lawyers Without Borders/Avocats sans Fronties

Liberty: Campaigning Human Rights organisation.

Privacy International: UK-based site concentrating on privacy issues worldwide, but with an emphasis on European and UK developments.

Refugee Studies Centre: Oxford University research centre, includes full text working papers and reports and well as useful links.

UN High Commission for Human Rights

UN High Commission for Refugees

Women's Human Rights Net: Project of a coalition of international women's organisations.

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Human Rights Courts

European Court of Human Rights

Inter-American Court of Human Rights

See other courts under International Courts.

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Online journals

Human Rights Brief

Law, Social Justice and Global Development

Yale Human Rights and Development Law Journal

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Other Essex Online journals


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