Essex Human Rights Review Volume 10 Number 1, January 2015
Volume 10 Issue 1


‘What Do We Need To Know About Human Rights? And How Do We Get To Know It? 20th Anniversary Lecture in Celebration of the MA in the Theory and Practice of Human Rights’

Michael Freeman

‘Individual Rights in Collective Contexts: The Challenge of Reconciling Individual Rights with Collective Claims in Indigenous Community Participation’

Jessika Eichler

‘Gender Justice and Ireland’s Human Rights Council Commitments: Challenging the Gaps between Rhetoric and Practice’

Niamh Reilly

‘Roma and the Kosovo War, 1998-9: General Amnesia or a Human Right to Memory?’

Rainer Schulze

‘Perspectives of Rights and Challenges of Political Interests in Conflict Resolution: The Cases of Kosovo and Nagorno-Karabakh’

Tigran Torosyan

‘International Educational and Cultural Obligations of Palestine’

Mutaz Qafisheh

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