ISSN 1756-1957

ISBN 978-1-874635-44-4
Essex Human Rights Review Volume 5 Number 1, July 2008
Special Issue: 25th Anniversary of the Human Rights Centre

Human Rights Perspectives: What We Have Learnt So Far

Cover Page and Acknowledgements

Table of Contents

Editors' Note


John Packer

Twenty-Five Years of Human Rights at Essex

Kevin Boyle

Between the Highest and the Attainable? Reflections on the Right to Health

Albert Weale

Auditing Economic Policy in the Light of Obligations on Economic and Social Rights

Diane Elson and Radhika Balakrishnan

Empirical Political Science and Human Rights

Todd Landman

Teaching the Law of Armed Conflict

Françoise Hampson

The Rule of Terra Nullius and the Impotence of International Human Rights for Indigenous Peoples

Colin Samson

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Learning from Experience

Nigel Rodley

Back to Basics: Human Rights and the Suffering Imperative

Andrew Fagan

The Challenge of Impunity in Peru: The Significance of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Clara Sandoval

Project Financing in Developing Countries, New Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Rights, and Multinationals

Tom Sorell

Promoting Peace and Protecting Rights: Are Human Rights Good or Bad for Resolving Conflict?

Ram Manikkalingam

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