ISSN 1756-1957
Essex Human Rights Review Volume 4 Number 1, February 2007

International Territorial Administrations and the Rule of Law: The Case of Kosovo

Didier Paquee and Steven Dewulf

Effective Human Rights Protection for Children in Care. Does the UK Provide Effective Remedies Under the European Convention on Human Rights Against the Non-Implementation of Care Orders?

Barbara Kussbach

An Exceptional Situation? A Comparative Assessment of Anti-Terrorism Arrest and Detention Powers in the UK and Spain and of their Compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights

Kamena Dorling

Assessing Special Procedures and the New Human Rights Council - A Need for Strategic Positioning

Oliver Hoehne

A Comparative Analysis of Mental and Psychological Suffering as Torture, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Under International Human Rights Treaty Law

Irfan Neziroğlu

Challenges in Aid to Rape Victims: The Case of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Marleen Bosmans

Secrecy and Openness in Criminal Investigation: The Case of Georgia

Tamar Khidasheli


Protecting Human Rights: A Comparative Study, Todd Landman

Fernando de Maio

Rights: Sociological Perspectives, edited by Lydia Morris

Kerman Calvo

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