William Midzi

William Midzi is a PhD researcher in the Government Department at the University of Essex. His thesis topic is: 'A discursive analysis of the HIV/AIDS policy in South Africa: Explaining Policy Shifts.' He gained a BA (Hons) degree in Philosophy at the University of Zimbabwe and an MA degree in Human Rights from the Human Rights Centre at the University of Essex. His main research interests cut across the areas of human rights, democracy, new social movements and International politics of HIV/AIDS.  During the academic year 2012/13, he is a Research Officer at the Institute for Democracy and Conflict Resolution and teaches Comparative Politics of Human Rights (GV935) and Politics of Development: Sustainable Development and Africa (GV104).

Benjamin Barnard

Benjamin joined the EHRR in October 2012 as Assistant editor.  He holds a BA in Humanities from the University of Brighton and an MA in Human Rights from the University of Essex.  He is currently studying his PhD in Human Rights and Climate Change at Essex.  Benjamin’s research interests include environmental issues and human rights in post-Soviet countries.  He completed a research fellowship at the Yerevan office of Caucasus Research Resource Centres in 2012, and has experience working with other NGOs.  Additionally, he has been commissioned to compose several pieces of research on human rights issues in the Caucasus region.  These include the 2011-12 Human Rights and Democratisation Yearbook (Eastern Partnership Region) on behalf of the European Union and the report, Implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: The participation of Disabled People’s Organisations (DPO’s), commissioned by Yerevan State University and the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights.  Benjamin’s first fictional work, Aurelius and I was published in 2010.

Ana Matrán-Fernández

Ana holds a BEng in Telecommunications Engineering (Universidad de Valladolid) and an MSc in Biomedical Engineering (University of Surrey).  She is currently on her first year of PhD in Computer Science, where the primary focus of her research are Brainn-Computer Interfaces.  Throughout her studies and also for personal reasons, she has developed an interest in human rights and disability issues, which are the main reason for her choosing this field of research.

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